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Sometimes people forget that the leather items selected so carefully for purchase require maintenance just like the other things in your life. In order to keep your things looking their best, you need to take care of them as you would anything else. And for heaven's sake, don't let your metal fittings rust up because you left something in a wet place or musty old dungeon !

Disinfecting Leather:
A question we get asked frequently is, " how do I disinfect my leather?" Answer is ... you can't. ( Don't shoot the messenger!) Forget all the stuff you've heard about rubbing it down with alcohol; that just destroys the leather's finish. Nothing else works either. The fact is, that regardless of what you may use, leather is an organic, permeable surface. If you want to use something you can disinfect, we recommend latex, rubber, vinyl or our Fluffy Whips (which can actually even be boiled!) If you are concerned about body fluids from multiple partners, you'll either have to use an alternate material as suggested above, or have a separate set for each sub. We have long held the belief that each submissive should have their own implements for this reason, among others.

Polish it :
Take a little Kiwi-type shoe polish (the hard wax in the tub stuff), or soft creme such as a Meltonian-type polish, and freshen up your: collar, cuffs, vest, jacket, paddle, C&B items, skirt, pants, armband, gag, harness, etc. You get the idea. Hey.. it's better for us if your stuff looks ratty and you go and buy new things you didn't actually need. But we'd rather see you increase the size of your collection, wouldn't you?


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A little shoe polish after you've scraped the candle wax off your SceneWearŪ Cuffs with a blunt edge of some sort and they'll look like new! Of course, the leather we use helps your recovery to "like new", but any leather will benefit from the same good treatment.

Saddle Soap:
Should be used only in situation where you want to soften your leather, because that is what it will do. If you saddle soap your jacket, it will end up like a limp rag, so think about what you use on which piece. It will also tend to remove some of the color.

Neutral Kiwi-type polish may be a better choice, if black is not the color involved. There are some colors available in the hard wax polish if you look around.

Single Tails:
Should be maintained using the Single Tail Dressing designed specifically for this purpose. Saddle soap is absolutely the wrong thing to use.

Water Proofing:
Some items can be sprayed with shoe waterproofer, but since there is usually a suede side to things, this may only help a little. If, however, you have something with finished leather all around (such as leather lined cuffs, for example), then you might find it will help to protect your leather from any "showers" it might encounter.

If you have questions about anything we haven't covered here, please contact us.

"If you don't see what you want, ask for it."


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As with all of the categories on the site, due to our desire to provide the most interesting and varied selection, it simply isn't possible to list or show everything. If you want more information on what we have or can create for you, the best thing to do is to call us before 8 PM Eastern time, 7 days per week. (718-748-7593). Ask for Lady Elaina. If you have a written order confirmation or request, please send it to: Samco, POB 4, Beverly, NJ 08010