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We can accommodate transgendered people in lots of different ways. Our many years in the scene have blessed us with friends on all sides of this issue. We have had experience dealing with the many issues involved. We are also always on the prowl for new suppliers and new items to add to this category. With the loss of some of the established suppliers in the last few years here in the New York City area, we have had more and more requests for this category.

Aprons Aprons
Aprons Aprons
Aprons Aprons

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We have included some samples of different polyester Satins we can use to make your Maid’s Outfit. Please see the swatches below.

Samco Scenewear

Samco Scenewear
Samco Scenewear Samco Scenewear

Male to Female:

SceneWear is proud to present our line of aprons in both half and full apron styles. These aprons all have nice big pockets and are designed to fit well even if you are large or tall. Aprons come in a variety of fabrics and decorations. If you want something in particular, you can request it. We also have quite a few in stock.

We have included some samples of different polyester Satins we can use to make your Maid’s Outfit. Please see the swatches at the bottom of the page.

Above we have shown a picture of our full "Take-Apart"TM apron. It is designed so that you may remove the bib after food preparation is completed with nothing more than a flick of the hand. And…your hair will not get mussed! We'll tell you the secret when you place your order. The fabric used for this particular apron is wonderful fluffy organza in red. Many choices are available. We have lots of pretty white aprons which go with everything, as well as some with accent colors and some in colored fabrics. Fabrics vary from cotton to see through fabrics. Call for selection and special orders.
  • BEAUTIFUL petticoats that stay fluffy and pretty. If we don't have exactly what you want, we can get it for you, no problem! We do have a lovely variety in stock. We have an assortment of colors and accents, as well as some of the glittery fancy fabrics. These are from the company recommended to us by our own favorite sissy! And yes... we have a LOT of sizes. We also have the petticoat bags to store them and wash them in.

  • Ruffled pettipants to match or contrast with your petticoat, in a couple of lengths

  • Hosiery is available in opaque white or most regular colors. This is the hosiery you have been looking for, from the same supplier to Lee's and DFP. (This brand isn't pictured yet on site)

  • Body Stockings, sheer sheaths, all kinds of sheer and lacey things to fit YOU.

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Samco Scenewear
Dildo Harnesses
  • From Gafs to make-up consultations, and female designs made to male proportions, we make men look their prettiest.

  • We can make fully padded bras in leather.

  • Order a pretty rhinestone pin in a feminine color with your name on it, such as our darling Sissy BB Fellatrix does. We can make a matching collar with rhinestones. See SW-collars #2 for Rhinestone dress collars. Rhinestones are set in sterling silver or rhodium.

  • We can take the Adam's apple out of visual range with an organza collar in the summer, or adjust the sizing on any of our leather designs. Also pictured on SW-collars #2.

Samco Scenewear Samco Jewelry Hosiery
Female to Male:

We can also masculinize female items for womyn who want to show their masculine side.
  • Dildo harnesses are available in many styles, custom designs are a specialty of ours

  • From cyber skin to latex, we have insertables for your pleasure

  • Because we make most of items, almost anything you might can be styled and proportioned for your best presentation.

  • We now are offering slightly used clothing, usually in larger sizes.

    If you are having a problem locating something we don't have, we can refer you.

"If you don't see what you want, ask for it."


S.A.M.Co. is not responsible for the use of our products.

As with all of the categories on the site, due to our desire to provide the most interesting and varied selection, it simply isn't possible to list or show everything. If you want more information on what we have or can create for you, the best thing to do is to call us before 8 PM Eastern time, 7 days per week. (718-748-7593). Ask for Lady Elaina. If you have a written order confirmation or request, please send it to: Samco, POB 4, Beverly, NJ 08010