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We used to throw away things we made that had imperfections, thinking that if they didn't meet our high standards, they wouldn't sell. One day a customer noticed something we threw in the trash and said, "here, you dropped something." We explained that we had made a mistake on it. They asked us how much we wanted for it, and the bargain bin was founded!

I can't tell you what's in there because it will change all the time. But if you are shopping for something and wonder if there are any bargains around, just ask us, and we'll take a look. If it were really bad, we wouldn't sell it at all, so don't worry. We're talking about small imperfections that won't effect the performance or overall appearance. Of course, all sales are "as is."

We now are offering slightly used clothing,
usually in larger sizes.

Sometimes people gain weight, sometimes they lose it. But once they do, it's for certain that there's a bunch of expensive stuff that doesn't fit anymore. So we are starting to get more and slightly used stuff to sell. And when money is as tight as it is these days, it's great to get a bargain on something wonderful!


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"If you don't see what you want, ask for it."


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As with all of the categories on the site, due to our desire to provide the most interesting and varied selection, it simply isn't possible to list or show everything. If you want more information on what we have or can create for you, the best thing to do is to call us before 8 PM Eastern time, 7 days per week. (718-748-7593). Ask for Lady Elaina. If you have a written order confirmation or request, please send it to: Samco, POB 4, Beverly, NJ 08010