S.A.M.Co., Manufacturer of SceneWear Originals... where no Customer
is Too Big or Too Small... and any color of Leather is available

Come Shop at Our Store
near Willingboro, NJ!

Made in U.S.A.
Sizes run from Petite to 6X
on the Rack! Since we make 70%
of what we sell, any size and
            shape are fine with us!

Come visit our store, in Southern NJ near Philly, where we have new things coming in all the time. Our highly skilled dressmaker is busy filling the racks with great new SceneWear® Original Clothing on an ongoing basis, as well as making custom pieces for our customers. We have a nice selection of leather clothing, and we make a lot of stuff that we just canít squeeze on the racks.

We have tons of stuff for all age groups. We just can't put it all up on the site, and it is constantly changing. So you'll just have to come in and see what we have at the moment, for both men and women!

We do not have a shopping cart because we are making a lot of this stuff BY HAND, Master Craftsman Style, and need to control order flow.

We wish we could be open all the time like regular stores, but our Discrete Boutique is run by an American with Disabilities, with a helper, so we have limited regular hours. We are always open Mondays and Thursdays noon to 6, but can be open later or at other times, if you know you need us to be. We just have to arrange for help. We have also asked our helpers to be available Sundays from noon to five, and will try being open from Thanksgiving to Christmas on Sundays, to see if people will come.

It simply is not possible for a disabled person to keep the sort of store hours most stores are able to do, as much as we might like to, because, well, they are disabled and can only do so much. But if you make an appointment, we can make sure we can be available when you need us to be,as long as we can get help.

So we ask you to please be understanding, recognize the courage it takes to do this at all, and call us to make an appointment. Obviously, mail orders are filled in order, and have great flexibility as to when we can do them. Which is always as soon as possible. When we accept the order, we let you know when we take it how many orders are ahead of you

Please email us with your inquiry at samco@scenewear.com.

It's just not possible to put everything on the website. And honestly, it is very time consuming and expensive to constantly update the site. We would rather put our resources into the merchandise. So, come in and check it out! Call for an appointment today! You will be amazed at our selection, and our ability to customize your order.

Does your Mistress have a Registry???

S.A.M.Co. is pleased to be an Authorized Distributor of Autographed Copies of of "The Continuing Adventures of 'V'..." by Slave 'V'. An historical piece, now part of the Leather Archives and Museum in Chicago, it is an erotic S&M mystery adventure story.

Originally published in the BonVue publications from 1979 through 1994, the first of what will now be three parts of this classic story is available from our site. Re-written for presentation in book form, with superb illustrations, it is a "must have" for your History of SM library. The author is even available to personally autograph your copy!!

The Continuing Adventures of 'V...'

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Great Toys, Beautiful Collars, Leather Bondage Equipment, Latex Bondage, Medieval Pewter, Pony OutFits, Chastity Belts, Whips, Paddles, Leather Harnesses, Pasties, Corsets, Sceney Erotic Cards, Cuffs - 20 different styles, C&B Items, Jocks, Gaffs Waist Cinchers, Clamps, Sceney Jewelry, Belts, Bras, G-Strings, Extra Long Hosierie, Black Nylon Bondage Rope, custom-made Scenewear® Crops, Really Great Toys... Hey! Didn't we say that?

....and a whole lot more......

Our prices are almost always better than our competitors on everything. And since only WE have Scenewear® Originals, not only you will get designs you can't get anywhere else, but the price is the same as you would expect to pay for run of the mill leather items. We also can make economy versions right up to deluxe versions of your order, to fit your needs and budget. And don't forget that we run specials all the time, and offer additional special discounts to showroom shoppers.

It is almost impossible to put all the actual prices and choices up the web because there are so very many choices of color, style and version. We encourage you to call or email with any questions.

We also sometimes find one or two special items we can't catalogue, since we don't know if we will find them again, so it pays to keep in touch. We always endeavor to provide the best quality of items we can, with the idea that you can find the same old stuff anywhere. What we want is to offer you something wonderful!

We provide our customers with the benefit of our many years in the Scene and a discerning eye to select or make the items we know you will need or like, items of a superior quality, at a moderate price.

We've been doing this since 1990, and all SceneWear® Originals
are made BY US, BY HAND, here in the U.S.A.

All SceneWear® Original items are UNCONDITIONALLY guaranteed
against any defects in workmanship for one year.

Master-craftsman style work is what separates us from the other guys.

Gift Certificates Available

What do you mean "Nobody Makes My Size"?
How small or BIG do you want it ??

Custom Work Available, in any size, in any color. No Problem!

We also do repair on items you already have!!

Private Showroom and Fittings near Willingboro, NJ

Beverly, NJ 08010

E-mail Us: samco@scenewear.com


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The Eulenspiegel Society

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Please, no phone calls after 8pm EST, (718)-748-7593

About the photos on our site...
We realize our photos are sometimes not as good as our products. We hope to replace the older, poorer quality photos with better ones, as time permits. We appreciate your patience, as we'd rather be filling your orders than playing with the website and our new digital camera.