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We provide some links for your convenience. You will note that these sites also have many links elsewhere, so we encourage you to follow your mouse.

www.tes.org -- the oldest SM support group in the US, TES is a long-standing resource for those into power exchange. New York City based, TES boasts two meetings a week, regular parties, a professional quality magazine type newsletter, and a whole lot more.

http://www.domsubfriends.com DomSubFriends meet on Friday nights at Paddles, NY ("The Friendly S&M Club"), with a weekly presentation on all sorts of topics, and a discount for those who wish to remain to enjoy the club. Their site also offers a lot of great scene resources.

www.br.org -- Washington, D.C. area group. This group has grown dramatically in the last couple of years to rival TES in membership, and holds a major leather event each fall, as well as the usual benefits of membership.

www.sissyland.com -- The site where boys MUST be girls...

www.passionmagazineonline.com -- Passion Magazine, owned by the lovely Mistress Diamond, has wonderful content. Some features are: Ask the Mistress, Directory of Dominas (International), Passion Dungeon Visits, Essays, Scene Business Showcase, Photo Gallery, Community Calendar,Erotic Artists, etc.

www.staylace.com -- everything you always wanted to know about corsets, and some stuff you never even dreamt about! The definitive source on corsetry in this part of the world.


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www.baroness.com -- Diva of things Latex, the Baroness has the hot latex clothing to suit many needs. Corsets, uniforms, men and women.

www.smnews.com -- offers many down to earth services for the "at home" reader, and more.

www.bondagedirectory.com -- Bondage Directory "The First, The Best, The Original"

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