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We almost stopped making these, because of the difficulty in making them well, especially when it comes to studded and spiked pieces. They are very time consuming and hard create, so no one else makes them as we do. In fact, no one even comes close. The only other stuff we've seen is very low end and made for little aureolas. Oddly enough, it was making pasties ( for those of us frequenting the NYC SM Clubs after the social club fires years ago in the very early nineties ) that got us started in the business. Why? Because no one had anything that would fit anyone other than an exotic dancer. Eventually we stopped making them because they are very difficult to do well. We said we just weren't going to do all that work and get paid so little for something so difficult and time consuming

However, when we realized that the professional doms in New York City have been sharing the ones bought years ago…not even realizing where they were first obtained, it became clear that we should continue to offer them. So we do, but the price is now reflective of the difficulty of the undertaking. Simpler pasties are less expensive. The heavily spiked and studded ones are pricey. But then, how many of these do you need? One pair will last a lifetime if you take proper care of them. For best fit, we recommend that we speak with you regarding size and shape. It's not possible for us to accurately guess the size and shape of breast and aureola. We do have "standard" sizes, but no two breasts are alike.

We are especially proud of our "Hug Me" series, however they are the most expensive as well as the hottest looking. You may choose from any of the designs shown.

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