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We have the nice, smooth heavy rope that is preferred for most bondage. It will not dig into your skin with bumps and is washable and soft. We can get black as well as other colors up to 50 yards of continuous length, and in several different diameters.

Need we repeat our lecture from C&B items about cutting off circulation to parts of the body? Remember that tourniquets have to be loosened every 15 minutes in order to not kill tissue. When you do bondage with rope you must take the time to learn the craft, and learn how the rope will behave when stressed. You must also always be prepared to cut it in an emergency with the inexpensive safety shears found at any hardware, medical supply or outdoors store. We sometimes have these as well. A cut rope is a small price to pay for safety. Also be aware that every rope has a certain test weight for which it can be safely used. Also, as much you won't like to hear this, rope gets tired after a time and is no longer safe to use for weight bearing, just leather. Think about the movies you've seen where the rope snapped. Safety comes first.

We also try to incorporate some of our panic snaps into our rope play to allow for quickest release, either by snapping them onto the extra large double clips we offer, or by putting the rope directly into snap. We feel panic snaps are such an important item in play that we sell them almost at cost. You never know when the most apparently healthy person will faint or get some terrible cramp and without panic snaps in your attachments, you will not be able to get them out quickly and safely.


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