SceneWear® Originals for Womyn*

S.A.M.Co., Manufacturer of Scenewear Originals... where no Customer
is Too Big or Too Small... and any color of Leather is available

We have Tea Hats and Fascinators, Gloves, Evening Bags, Handbags, Fans, Gothic/Steam Punk Clothing, Corsetry, Sexy Lingerie, Fancy Stockings and Thigh-Hi's, skirts, tops, dresses, petticoats, capes, a great selection of hosiery from petite to 6X, SissyMaid Outfits, aprons, GAFs, etc.!

We have both clothing manufactured elsewhere, and our own SceneWear Original Designs. We offer items manufactured from leather, PVC and imitation leather. That really keeps your costs down when you are buying a garment that uses a lot of yardage. Please see the Clothing link for our own SceneWear Original Clothing up to 6X, but we can make any size and shape you need. We have pictures of some of our own clothing up for you to see.

Samco Clothes We offer intimate apparel, some of which we make, some of which we buy. When we started this business in 1990, we were one of only a few leathermakers in North America servicing women in The Scene. We now stock bras and tops from a supplier we like. Their quality is good, their designs are hot. And, should you need any alterations, we can do them here.

We want to make sure to include the forgotten female when it comes to custom intimate apparel. (Which was, incidentally, how we started in the first place.) To make a G-String that will show you off to your best advantage in spite of issues with your body, whether it be a scar that needs covering, your shape or size, etc. Likewise with our Bras. Even our collars can often be scaled down for the petite, or increased for a larger neck.

We make Pasties with studs and spikes as well as more feminine versions with flowers and so on. We need to discuss with you how you order these, as measurements are required for accurate fit, and the style must be taken into account. It's easy, don't worry.

Dildo Harnesses in whatever style you need, we’ve made a lot of custom ones over the years. One is limited only imagination.


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Pirate Girl Shirt

Corset Dress

Lurex Green Skirt and Matching Top

Samco Clothes
Berkshire Hosiery
Samco Clothes Square Neck Swing Dress Petticoats

Hosiery is available in either stockings or thigh-highs. Long or extra long. If you have heavy or long legs, these are the best we have found. We also carry regular sizes. We carry mostly black, red and white, but you can order other colors in quantity if you wish. Seamed, fishnet, lace tops, etc., as well as opaque white for the Transgendered.

Woman's Harness


Chastity Belts are available for either sex. We make the leather ones; stainless are made to order by the leading purveyor in the USA.

Aprons in both half and full apron styles. These aprons all have nice big pockets and are designed to fit well even if you are large or tall. Aprons come in a variety of fabrics and decorations. If you want something in particular, you can request it. We also have quite a few in stock.

Samco Clothes

BEAUTIFUL petticoats that stay fluffy and pretty. Great with a corset for evening wear. (There is one holding out the red apron, it's black, we'll load some more pictures ASAP). We have an assortment of colors and accents, as well as some of the glittery fancy fabrics And yes... we have a LOT of sizes. We also have the petticoat bags to store them and wash them in. Ruffled pettipants to match or contrast with your petticoat, in a couple of lengths as well. We can also special order anything we don't have in stock at no additional charge.

Corsets are offered by everyone these days, but if you have special needs, we can help you there as well. In leather or lace, there a million choices.

We now are offering slightly used clothing, usually in larger sizes.

Sometimes people gain weight, sometimes they lose it. But once they do, it's for certain that there's a bunch of expensive stuff that doesn't fit anymore. So we are starting to get more and more slightly used stuff to sell. And when money is as tight as it is these days, it's great to get a bargain on something wonderful!

If you need something you don't see listed here or in the catalogue, please ask us about it, and we'll do what we can to help you ourselves, or refer you to someone who can.

*We defer here to the spelling of womyn used by many in the community.

"If you don't see what you want, ask for it."


S.A.M.Co. is not responsible for the use of our products.

As with all of the categories on the site, due to our desire to provide the most interesting and varied selection, it simply isn't possible to list or show everything. If you want more information on what we have or can create for you, the best thing to do is to call us before 8 PM Eastern time, 7 days per week. (718-748-7593). Ask for Lady Elaina. If you have a written order confirmation or request, please send it to: Samco, POB 4, Beverly, NJ 08010