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Single Tails: due to the popularity of the single tail these last few years we have added them to the product line. We have chosen to offer only the highest quality in this area, as the "cheaper" ones don't handle well or last very long. And when a single tail doesn't handle well, you can lose an ear or an eye. Only someone who has invested a great deal of time and effort in learning the proper use of a single tail from an expert should attempt to use one.

S.A.M.Co. is now pleased to present Australian Singletails in 12 and 16 plaits. (Yes, they are the ones you are looking for.) The sizes are 3 feet, 3.5 feet, and 4 feet. We also have a singletail that ends in a cat-of-nine tails. They come in solid black, red and black, purple and black, and blue and black. Other combinations can be ordered. These are truly wonderful weighted pieces that handle superbly. They are considerably more expensive than the American ones we carry, but for the connoisseur, they are just the ticket. Availability of a particular color may vary.

We want to add a personal note that for our own play we don't actually employ single tails to make contact with the skin of the submissive, you have to very, very good to do that safely in our opinion. Therefore recommend extreme caution to others in using a whip which breaks the sound barrier. We use ours for effect only, the choice is yours, of course.

The American made singletails come in tan and black, the tan is a noticeably cheaper. There is no difference that we can see in the quality. It's all about the color of the delicate hide used. Please call for selection and availability. These are now VERY economical compared to some of the other American made singletails, as they are 8 plaits. We also sell these with only a small handling charge.

Quirts and Signal Whips can be sent back for new poppers when worn out. Bullwhips come with a spare popper and a free container of the special single tail dressing.


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Single Tail Dressing: We have the dressing you have all been looking for to keep your single tails supple and strong and performing at their best. It's made just for this purpose by the professionals in this area. Using the wrong thing or nothing at all is a sure way to throw away the investment you made in a fine single tail..

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