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We've got things to wear from a size Petite/Small to a 6X, already hanging on the rack. We can also custom make stuff for you in ANY size. We have some wonderful fabrics, regular and fancy leathers which we have selected with you in mind. We want you to be crazy about the things you buy from us.

What could be more alluring than a sensuous stretch Marilyn Monroe top in three, bound-to-fit-you sizes? We have a variety of fabrics made up in regular One Size, Queen One (1-2X) and Queen Two (3-5X). Call for selection.

The neckline on this top is sooo flattering, and it makes the bust look so appealing. They are cool and just the thing to catch the eye of that special someone. <wink>

Marilyn Monroe top Marilyn Monroe top Marilyn Monroe top

You will love the way our own SceneWear® Original clothing designs actually factor in the things that happen to bodies as they get larger and smaller. And because you buy directly from the manufacturer, you get haute couture designs at a normal price. We offer imitation leather and PVC for those who prefer to keep their spending down, and incredible fancy leathers for those who want to splurge. You can even select your own leathers from our inventory and we will custom design something just for you!

         Samco Clothes                    Samco Clothes

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Corset Dress Front Silver Metallic Dress with Matching Cover Up Close Up of Trim on Silver Metallic Dress with Matching Cover Up

SceneWear® Original Clothing is made of carefully selected fabrics that will be great in The Scene. (Okay, some of our stuff CAN go to the office.) We always have: red and black PVC and pleather in black, red, blue and purple. Other colors can be ordered. We have a lot of amazing fabrics in stock, and can make up whatever the fabric will allow, in any style we make, from petite/small to a 6X (if you need a larger size, let us know). We do our best to keep our prices as low as possible. Yes, we have leather, and some exotic leathers as well, if you don't mind paying for leather. Quite frankly, however, it's pretty much impossible to manufacture standard skirts in America these days to sell at a price that can compete with the imported stuff. So we sell the imported stuff! But if you need something made, don't hesitate to ask!

Samco Clothes

Neck styles on our stretch fabrics are: crew neck, lite scoop, deep scoop, V-Neck, Plunge V (which shows a bit of cleavage). We expect to be adding placket fronts in early 2004. As time goes on, we will have more and more styles and designs. We also offer some things from other manufacturers because we feel they have something good to offer for a reasonable price. We are now making our tops longer, so they go past the widest hip to the top of the thigh, for a more slenderizing look. If you want something different, just ask.

We are constantly designing new clothing of all types,so expect to find many other styles as well.

We are more than happy to adjust skirt length, blouse length or any other factor in a SceneWear Original® in whatever choices the fabric or pattern will allow. Don't be shy about asking for something to be made up a particular way. We can also keep a measurement chart here for you, so that as you decide you want something made up, we can simply pull out the fabric you have selected and make it for you. If you can stop by, you can look through our many swatches of in-stock fabric.

In non-stretch fabrics we have gowns and lots of different styles of skirts. Some are: basic skirt, A-line (to just above the knee), sexy swing (short), regular swing (longer and the same length around the bottom), tapered swing (longer skirt with a longer back section for those of us with ample derrieres, so the skirt hangs straight all around).

Samco Clothes
Samco Clothes
Samco Clothes
Samco Clothes
Blue Metallic Monroe

We also make skirts that are floor length, gowns, things that lace up, as well as pretty chiffon type skirts that swoosh. We make Marilyn Monroe tops and on and on. Please feel free to contact us to find out what we can do for you. Or better yet, come shop!

We have managed to get a few photos of a friend in our SceneWear® Original clothing, so you can at least take a peek at what we've been up to SceneWear. We'll add photos as we can. No matter how many photos we put up here, it will only be a tiny sample of what we have here.

We can also do alterations or repairs on items you already own. Have you gotten too heavy for that skirt? Does that corset lacing dig into you? We can help.

We also carry tea hats, authority hats, Pocketbooks, a variety of gloves, accessories and gift items. If we are out of your exact size, we can order it. If we are at a show and we see something wonderful, we will pick it up. If it is a closeout we like, we grab it, because that means we will be able to offer it to you at a special price . Since we own the building, we donít have to add rent into into our prices, so you save money on everything you buy here.

Samco Clothes

Of course, it isn't possible to show the many, many things on the rack. But a few items are shown here so you can get an idea of what to expect. If you have something specific in mind, and you don't see it here, please feel free to give us a call.

Samco Clothes

Samco Clothes
Samco Clothes Samco Clothes Samco Clothes
Samco Clothes Samco Clothes Samco Clothes
Samco Clothes Samco Clothes

"If you don't see what you want, ask for it."


S.A.M.Co. is not responsible for the use of our products.

As with all of the categories on the site, due to our desire to provide the most interesting and varied selection, it simply isn't possible to list or show everything. If you want more information on what we have or can create for you, the best thing to do is to call us before 8 PM Eastern time, 7 days per week. (718-748-7593). Ask for Lady Elaina. If you have a written order confirmation or request, please send it to: Samco, POB 4, Beverly, NJ 08010